Preserving What Matters

For Parents and Grandparents

Preserve Your Family Legacy

By the time grandchildren are old enough to care about their heritage, it’s often too late to ask, and their questions will forever remain unanswered.  Give your children, grandchildren, and future generations the gift of your legacy.  By preserving your own life story, you can help them discover the motivations and dreams that made your family what it is today.  

You've worked hard to get where you are today.  Share the stories behind your success.  Share your struggles and achievements, so that your children, grandchildren, and other family members can continue to learn from you, during and beyond your lifetime.  A Family Legacy video is truly an heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come.

You can choose a private interview, or you can choose a forum where many family members get together to share their stories together.  Family reunions are a great time to sit down with different family members and preserve a wide variety of the family's history and experiences. 


For Children and Grandchildren

Preserve the Legacies of Your Parents, Grandparents, or Other Loved Ones

What better way to show your appreciation for your loved ones than by honoring them in a way that is second to none?  Give your loved ones the gift of immortality.  By commissioning a legacy video, you can memorialize their stories, their values, their struggles and their successes for future generations.  A legacy video is a perfect way to recognize the hard work of those who came before you and to show how much you appreciate the shoulders you are standing on today.  

You will be providing your loved ones with one of the best experiences - feeling treasured and valued on their stroll down memory lane, accompanied by compassionate professionals to document the journey.  

There is an ancient proverb that reads, "When an elder dies, a library burns down."  Research has shown that family history that is passed down orally will be completely gone in three generations.  That's 60-80 years. The disappearance of your history makes it as if you never lived.  We provide a way to preserve your family's history in a professional, entertaining way.  Preserve your loved one's legacy before the stories are lost to the passage of time. 


Memorial Services

Create a Memorial Video

As part of our family legacy work, we also offer memorial videography services.  We can record a funeral or memorial service for you to share with loved ones who were not able to attend.  We can also create a memorial video from family photos and videos that can be used during the memorial service and shared with friends and family.