Preserving What Matters

Wealth Managers and Estate Planners

Help Connect With Rising Generations

Legacy videos are a great way for wealth managers to provide an added service to the families they represent and to help create deeper relationships with clients and their families.  Connecting with multiple generations through family legacy projects can help avoid the loss of client relationships after the passing of a client. 

Research has shown that 96% of heirs change wealth advisors after the passing of their benefactors. Being part of the legacy process can help build relationships with rising generations that will last, while strengthening the relationships with existing clients. 

Estate planners have come to realize that for most families, the gift of an inheritance is much more meaningful and personal when it is contextual and accompanied by the stories of the hard work behind the creation of the wealth.  Our legacy videos provide a way to pass on those stories and to help families pass on financial wisdom to help their heirs invest wisely, utilize their inheritance responsibly, embrace philanthropy, and to help prevent reckless spending.  

Legacy videos also allow families the opportunity to create an "ethical will" and ensure that estate planning is in line with the family's values, ethics, and goals. Legacy videos allow those values and goals to be communicated clearly to the next generations.  Estate planners and estate planning attorneys that become part of this process can realize a much higher retention of heirs as clients, while providing a truly priceless experience for the families they represent.