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LEGACY VIDEO PRODUCTIONS Preserving What Matters ™

LEGACY VIDEO PRODUCTIONS Preserving What Matters ™LEGACY VIDEO PRODUCTIONS Preserving What Matters ™LEGACY VIDEO PRODUCTIONS Preserving What Matters ™

Meet the Owner

Thank you for visiting the home of Legacy Video Productions.  I'm Patrick Wright, owner and president.  I created Legacy Video Productions out of a passion for family.  Families are the bonds that hold our society together. 

My own father died unexpectedly when I was still in my thirties.  He was an only child and his parents had both predeceased him.  All of the questions I never got around to asking were now going to remain forever unanswered.  

After serving my country as an Intelligence Analyst in the U.S. Army, I enjoyed a career in public service until I retired and began pursuing my lifelong passion for storytelling and filmmaking.  My career in public service afforded me the opportunity to talk to many people on a daily basis.  I've always loved hearing people's stories, and I love that I can help preserve those stories and help families preserve their history and legacy for future generations.  

Patrick Wright, Owner of Legacy Video Productions.

Patrick Wright, Owner of Legacy Video Productions. 

Who We Are

We are a team of professionals with a passion for excellence.  We specialize in life story and family legacy videos.  Our motto is "Preserving What Matters" and it's at the core of everything we do.  From pre-production planning to final editing, our goal is to help you preserve your family's history and legacy and create something that will be cherished for generations to come. We help you preserve what matters for those who matter most.

We are dedicated to helping families document their history and legacy.  As such, we're not a jack-of-all-trades videography service.  We are a boutique documentary production company and our entire focus is helping families document and preserve their history and legacy.  We produce legacy videos; we don't shoot weddings, commercials, music videos or corporate videos.  

We are located in The Villages, Florida and offer nationwide availability.  

We are fully licensed, registered as an LLC in Florida, and fully insured.  

What We Do

Research has shown that family history that is passed down orally will be completely gone in three generations. That’s just 60 – 80 years!  We provide a way to preserve that history in a format that's easy to share.  In the comfort of your home, or anywhere else you choose, you can tell your stories, talk about your family's history, and pass on your legacy to your loved ones.  By sharing your stories and your history, you'll be giving a gift that will be cherished for generations to come. It's traditional storytelling with a modern twist!

We record your video using two professional cameras (call us and we'll explain why two are better than one), as well as professional lighting and sound equipment.  We can include existing family photos, historical documents, archived home movies, and music into your family history video.  We can interview one person or the entire family.  Whatever your needs, we will design a legacy project that will check all the boxes. 

As part of our family legacy work, we also offer memorial videography services.  We can record a funeral or memorial service for you to share with loved ones who were not able to attend.  We can also create a memorial video from family photos and videos that can be used during the memorial service and shared with friends and family.  

We also offer a way to pass on your "secret" family recipes.  Instead of merely writing down your treasured recipes, let us produce an heirloom video that you can share with your loved ones.  Imagine your loved ones being able to open a laptop on the kitchen counter and have you right there with them, cooking your recipes together!  



Creating a family legacy video can seem like a daunting challenge--but leave that to us!  We will provide all the pre-production work that's needed.  We'll meet with you beforehand to discuss where the shoot will take place, what topics you want to discuss, who the designated "storyteller" is going to be, what photos or documents you want included in the video, any music you want incorporated into the video, what keepsakes you want documented--the possibilities are endless!  Our pre-production phase will allow us to develop a coherent vision and produce the perfect legacy video for you and your family.  


Final Product

What we deliver is a professional documentary production that rivals any feature film.  To create your family legacy video, we use high-end pro equipment, the latest editing software, and combine them with creativity and technical skill to bring your family's stories and legacy to life.  We can deliver the final product in a number of ways to suit your needs.  We always provide a DVD or Blu-Ray disc for archival purposes, and can also provide electronic delivery, online hosting, or any combination.  

For your peace of mind, all of our editing is done off-line, and the footage and projects are all kept on separate storage drives with built-in redundancy.  

We Are Proud To Offer A 20% Veteran's Discount