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"Memories grow fuzzy.  Relationships slip away.  Stories go untold.  Even important facts like wedding dates, a childhood home address, or the 'secret' ingredient to Grandma's chili can fade away in less than a generation.  If you've ever puzzled over the nameless, unrecognizable faces in an old photo, you know this frustrating feeling of loss.  

A pixelated face alone won't give you the fuller, 3-D portrait of the person:  their likes and dislikes, wishes and regrets, quirks and contributions, everyday habits and major life milestones.  What was their outlook on life?  What wisdom did they collect over the years?  What, and who, influenced them and mattered most?

These are the bits and pieces parents and adult children don't always get around to talking about in the busy course of daily life.  Even things we 'know' we risk forgetting.  Other details we never knew, and eventually lose the chance to retrieve."

-excerpt from An Oral History:  Preserve Your Family's Story

by Paula Spencer Scott

Every family and every person has a story to tell.  Let us help you tell yours by creating a family legacy video that will be cherished for generations to come.  

We specialize in the creation of family legacy videos and offer comprehensive video production services using professional cameras, lights, and sound equipment that will bring your stories to life.  

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